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    Refunds and Disputes

    Physical Items

    If a physical item that you’ve bought on ScanAndMake Shop does not arrive or is damaged, we will reimburse you for the full amount of the item plus postage and packaging costs. Should there be damages, we will consider your documentation and decide upon the refund accordingly. Any visible damage to the object should be reported within 3 days from receiving the order.


    Files bought on our Web Shop are not refundable. Nonetheless, we take on the responsibility of carrying out necessary actions for you to have a compatible file for your requested service (ie. your model of 3D printer or your Laser cutter) . This service will be provided for free.


    Any refund request for the orders made through our ScanAndMake Marketplace will be reviewed by our staff. All our Makers are asked to use only recorded delivery (tracked) postage methods, as the tracking information counts as proof of delivery. In case the User does not receive an item, and the Maker has not provided the tracking information, a refund will be issued to the User. If an item is lost or damaged during delivery, we will refund the User, and the Maker will have to request a refund to the interested courier/mail provider. If an item that has been delivered is not as described, we will review the project request and all the details provided by Maker and User. If the item is a different size (5%), or Material and there is no reasonable proof of the Maker communicating this to the User, we will refund the User. If an item is not up to the User´s expectations, bear in mind that, in some cases, the technological services offered through the ScanAndMake marketplace still have several limitations. For this reason we will consider any refund request, case by case. It's best practice to discuss all this with the auction winning maker in order to avoid future disappointment.


    You are entitled to a refund:

    • If for any reason, your Maker is unable to finish the project. We will help you find another Maker under the same conditions agreed with the initial Maker.
    • If your project was duly created but was damaged during shipment.
    • If we agree with the claim in the dispute process .

    You are not entitled to a refund:

    • If you received your item printed to the specifications agreed upon but the print turns out non-functional, you will not receive a refund as we cannot be held responsible for errors in the 3D model. If you can show that the model was not printed to the specifications you will receive a full refund.
    • If a dispute occurs where we disagree with your claim after reviewing all the facts, you will not be entitled to a refund. Please note that we are completely neutral in these disputes and will only look at the facts presented for the dispute.