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    3dscan/print of a female torso

    3dscan/print of a female torso

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    Project description:

    I’m a professional bodycaster and have been asked to quote for creating miniature versions of bodycasts (table top versions rather than the lifesize creations we specialise in). I’m unsure as yet if the client wants a scan of her cast (so she’s only naked in front of me and still has the full size version) or if she would prefer to be scanned directly. She is heavily pregnant and just wants a miniature produced of her breasts and pregnant belly. We need someone to quote for scanning a) the client, but then adapting the data so it is belly and breasts only, similar to our regular body casts, and then 3d printing it at various table top sizes from say 6 inches high to 40cm high. We can take care of post production clean up, mounting or remoulding/casting in other materials.    And then b) scanning a body cast of the same area, which would obviously be stiller than a human being to scan, so may have some advantages? I’ve yet to ascertain where the client is but possibly London. So it would be ideal if your equipment/facilities are based in the South East.   I haven’t put a budget in, as I need to know that from you.


    1. andrew Smith

      Hi CJ

      My Name is Andrew Smith – I run 3D factory

      I am a UK based 3d Printing, scanning and design business, printing in high detail resin and FDM

      My farm consists of top quality machines ( 4 xzortrax m200, 2x 400mm3 home built machines, G3D T1000 DLP, FSL pegasus SLA

      I have various printers and scanning methods.

      If you need anything please consider dropping me a mail.


    2. Digital Fucina

      Hello CJ

      Instead of scanning her i can propose you to make a photogrammetry reconstruction.

      You should take your client in a place with a good lighting
      A photographer studio with a green or blue background would be the best place

      Then take a lot of pictures from a lot of different angles all around the portion of body she wants.

      After that, with those pictures I could rebuild a 3D model of the subject, and then I could sell you the 3D file or the 3D print as you prefer.

      Let me know if this solution could work for you and I will prepare a quote.

      • CJ

        Hi, Although this particular job was some time ago, I would be interested in you quoting for similar work so that I can consider using it in the future. If you could give me a quotation for preparing a good quality 3d digital file (preferably printable) from such photos of a female torso/pregnant torso then that would be great. Thank you.

        • Digital Fucina

          Hello CJ

          I am glad you liked the idea:)

          A job like this is usually around 500 eur plus taxes. Anyway every model is unique so I need to understand the amount of work I have to do if you want a more precise price.

          best wishes




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