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    Making Art 4.0

    international technology aided art contest
    Madrid, Mejorada Del Campo, Catedral De Justo, Spain
    28 September-7 October 2018


    Read the instructions and fill the form to take part to the contest.
    EXTENDED DEADLINE 9 September 2018.

    FIRST PRIZE 2000€

    Please make sure that you have read thoroughly the opencall document available here

    If you don't want to share your files, but you are interested in being part of the exhibition, contact us with your proposal on

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    I agree with art.2 of the opencall: The theme for the artworks is open and can include fashion and design works. Every participant is required to make a minimum investment of $25.00 on the microcredit website and send a pdf or screenshot of the confirmation email attached to the application.. The competition is open to artists of all nationalities. Participation can take place individually or in groups, collectives will be treated as individuals. Each artist can submit one or more pieces of work.

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    The Exhibition

    ScanAndMake has held the exhibition "Making Art 4.0 international contest for technology aided art" in Liverpool Radio City tower between the 8th and the 17th April 2017. The exhibition was the final act of the Making Art 4.0 contest won by Paul Murrin's Making Twister. The winner was selected by the visitors .

    All the art displayed at the exhibition has the peculiarity of being made using computer controlled techniques such as Laser cutting, 3D Printing, CNC Milling, Robotics etc. Art from artists from all over Europe and beyond has been displayed in the first edition of this exhibition. The location is a landmark of the city, and has got some incredible views.

    This year we are doing this all over again, first in San Francisco and from 28 September to 6 October we will do another one in Madrid. Check our contest opencall and participate to the contest. The final exhibition will be held in Mejorada Del Campo, near Madrid, in the Justo Cathedral, Spain in late September/early October 2018.

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    Making Art 4.0 is an idea by ScanAndMake (, a young and innovative startup based in Liverpool, UK.

    ScanAndMake aims to promote the use of computer controlled technologies like 3D Printing, CNC Milling, Laser cutting and others to a wider audience, enabling them to emerge from the techie bubble where they are now trapped.

    The idea behind the contest and the exhibition is to stimulate the creativity of the international art community and to push the usage of the above mentioned techniques.

    The city of Liverpool, where the ScanAndMake Startup is based, is a flamboyant city rich in cultural and artistic activities, famous for its musical scene and for its museums and cultural institutions (like Tate, or the world famous Liverpool Biennial).

    After our first foray in the art world, with our succesful Liverpool Exhibition earlier this year, we have decided to bring Making Art 4.0 to the States, specifically in San Francisco, California

    All the art displayed, as in last edition, has got a peculiarity: Reproducibility. After the exhibition, instructions will be available to make it possible to reproduce the piece.

    ScanAndMake’s mission is to create a new front in the Art Market, by applying the same revolution that happened to the distribution of music and books (with the arrival of digital distribution platforms) to the art world.

    Not only will this create a new source of income for artists but also for the users of the website: individuals will be able to re-create artistic objects by downloading the files and producing their own pieces who can be sold locally according to the license.

    Imagine a scenario where the artist can sell the original source file of his art and the instructions for the reproduction to thousands of people for an affordable price, earning possibly more than what he would have done with the sale of the unique piece, and at the same time expanding the diffusion of his art to the whole world.

    This process doesn’t replace the art market dynamics, that is based on the uniqueness of the piece, but adds new scenarios and new markets in a sector that has been suffering in the last decades.

    The Location

    The Cathedral of Justo (original name Nuestra Señora del Pilar) is a peculiar building located near Madrid. It has been built by just one man in the last 60 years (construction started on 12 October 1961). This man is Justo Gallego, 92 years old ex-monk who dedicate the whole of his life to build this project.

    The building has an impressive stance, with its dimensions of 20x50 metres and a total built up area of about 8,000m2. Below the main building there is a crypt and adjacent there is a complex of minor chapels, cloisters, lodgings and a library. The dome of the main building (modelled on St. Peter's Basilica) is about 40 metres in height, about 12 metres in diameter.

    The whole building was made just with the use of found objects and recycled materials. This includes everyday objects and excess construction materials donated by construction companies and a nearby brick factory. The building work has been carried out without any crane.

    This is probably the most impressive DIY operation ever done in history, and for this reason we are delighted to host our next exhibition here, as this building embodies the idea behind the ScanAndMake project and hopefully will inspire the artists which will apply to the contest.

    Severo pero Justo.

    Art "recipes" examples

    Check these examples before you submit your application
     Moodbox by Timea Balo  

     Zax by Zohar Fadlon  



    Liverpool's Radio City tower, UK 8-17 April 2017








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