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    Instructions Manual

    How to use the platform

    You have an idea and you want to create something, but don’t have the right equipment

    Join our website and post your request for 3D Printing, Laser Cutting and more

    The auction starts! Pick the best offer from one of our Makers

    Now your item is ready and will be delivered to your door!

    Go on our shop and buy a file from one of our artists

    Use your equipment, find a local maker or join our marketplace and post your request for 3D Printing, Laser Cutting according to the file you have bought

    The auction starts! one of our makers will make you an offer and create your masterpiece

    Once you received your piece, use it to decorate your house or sell it according to the licence selected!

    Want to “Make” but don’t have the technology?

    1: Create an Account

    Register on platform as a User.

    Choose your user name and the password to access the website.

    You will get a confirmation e-mail: click on the link provided to proceed.

    Once your e-mail address is confirmed, you can customize your profile and add more information.

    Furthermore you will have to add your address for delivery and details for invoicing and your Paypal address.

    All transactions are paid with Paypal: without an account you will not be able to post a project.

    2: Post a Project Request a quote

    By clicking on the “Request a quote” button you will be able to publish your project request.

    Our community of makers will check your project request and make you an offer. You will then be able to choose the best price and conditions according to your needs.

    Once you have accepted an offer, the amount will be charged directly from your Paypal account.

    Remember that we will keep your money till you get your project delivered and you are happy with it.

    3: Chat with the Maker and get your Project

    Once the offer has been accepted, it will be possible to communicate with the Maker using the Workspace.

    Once all is set, the chosen Maker will start realizing your project.

    Once you have received it, it’s necessary to mark the project as “closed” and to leave a review.

    If you don’t review the Maker we are not able to pay him.

    Earn with your skills and machineries?

    1: Create an account

    Create an account by choosing the maker option in the home page and by filling all the required fields.

    Choose a username and a password to access the website.You will receive a confirmation message to your e-mail address

    Once your email address is confirmed you can then add a profile image, your internet contacts, like skype, twitter and your web page address.

    You will also have to fill in your address for invoicing, paypal address and complete your profile by adding all the details regarding your skills: 3D printing, 3D scanning and file preparation, Laser cutting, Cnc Milling, Arduino programming and so on.

    Remember to add your sub-skills as well.

    You can then click on “view my profile” to see how your public profile will look to our users.

    It is also possible to upload pictures of your work in your portfolio.

    The more complete is your profile the more points you get and the easier will be for Users to find your profile.

    2: Search for Projects

    By clicking on “Search for Project Request” you will be able to see a list of all the published requests.

    You can then choose what you want to work on and send your offers. The more offers you send the better the chances to make some dough!

    In the project request you will find all the information needed, like size, color, materials, technique requested and a detailed description of the object to be made. In most cases you will find also the relative file.

    Now we will only have to sit and wait for somebody to accept our offers!

    3: Start to Make

    Your offer has been accepted: now you can communicate with the user through the workspace to define more details.

    Once the project has been completed and received by the user, you will receive a review.

    Its also requested to leave a user review by your side otherwise the payment will not be freed

    After that the payment will be credited to your Paypal account: Scan And Make will only charge the 3% on the transaction.

    4: Score, Rating and Disputes

    Every Maker on Scan And Make has got a rating and a score. This way, the Users will know they can trust the quality and the service of the Maker.

    In the case of a dispute, we will consider all the documents related to the case and after that we will decide if a refund is due.