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    What you can do with your file

    File-License 1.0

    • Each purchased file on will be available for downloading from your personal account for 30 days. After these 30 days you will have to purchase the file again.


    • Each purchased file on can be downloaded 10 times from your personal account. After 10 downloads you will have to purchase the file again.


    • The files purchased on cannot be used to produce commercial products to be sold online. The file purchased cannot be resold in its digital format.


    • Products created with the files can be used for personal decoration use or can be sold in shops and markets up to a maximum of 30 units per file.


    • It’s not possible to modify the content of the purchased files in any ways or making derivative product and the name of the copyright owning artist cannot be deleted. It is not possible also to use these files for advertising or for promoting any sort of public and private activity.


    • Is it possible for the customer to change the colours, the materials, the dimensions and the ratio of the file.


    • You can use the product you have realized to promote your website or you social network accounts but you have to quote us. However you cannot sell the products on-line


    •  The above rules apply also to the free downloadable files.

    File-License 2.0: commercial use

    Coming soon

    In the next future we want to create to different type of licenses.
    We still it’s still to early to separate the 2 kind of use (private and commercial).
    The commercial one will allow the buyers to sell the items on-line but with a minimum price.