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    We’re artists and makers with professional experience in art, craft techniques, design and making.

    We run a real-world retail shop, Makers, where you can buy all sorts of crafts, gifts and curiosities, many of which we make ourselves. We run small group workshops in a range of craft techniques, including lasercutting, needlefelt, machine sewing, mosaic and more. We provide in person, 1:1 design support, and undertake commissions to create designs and products. We can cope with instructions ranging from “a rough description” through to comprehensively tested digital files. We also have a separate production workshop where we can produce items in larger quantities. Our man areas of making business are:

    • weddings (signs, decor & custom items)
    • wargames (tiny buildings and architectural models)
    • art (often collage and needlefelt)
    • signage (usually wood & perspex)
    • custom products (including jewellery & electronic gizmos)

    We’ve listed our experience as “4 years” – picking an arbitrary date when we first started lasercutting, but actually we have many years of making experience with other techniques in various contexts.

    Laser cutter services:


    HPC 3060


    60 watt CO2 cutter with a 600mm x 300mm bed.

    Laser Power:

    60 watt

    Max Dimensions:

    300 (L) x 600 (W)mm

    Other Techniques and Skills:

    Other services:

    Raspberry Pi, basic electronics & electromechanics.

    Software skills:

    Linux, Bash, ImageMagick etc.

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