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    51 Artists

    Mike Badger

    Liverpool, UK

    Anno Matthias Henke

    Köln, Germany

    Arianna Colliard

    Aosta, Italy

    Rachele Cerelli

    from Liverpool, UK

    Collettivo Cocomeri

    from Torino, Italy

    Scan And Make

    from Liverpool, UK


    from Liverpool, UK

    CERAPERSA di Andrea Maria Marioni

    from Milan, Italy

    Aantah Beraantah

    from Gresik, Indonesia

    Mark Haig

    from Manchester, UK

    The Herbalist

    from Bristol, UK

    Making Art 4.0

    from Liverpool, UK

    Viagara Falls

    from Kegen, Canada

    Esteban Barreiro

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    John Campo

    Aberdeen, UK

    Lee Romero

    New York, NY, USA

    Maxi Moeckel

    Leipzig, Germany

    Luise Zuecker

    Berlin, Germany

    Vincent Brinkmann

    Cologne, Germany

    Hex Ceramics

    from Liverpool, UK