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    Zohar Fadlon

    Fashion designer | Jewellery designer, Tel Aviv, Israel
    Zohar Fadlon

    Brief Introduction

    My name is Zohar Fadlon. A BA Student at the Jewellery and Fashion department in Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, Israel. Practice in jewellery, metal and accessories.

    Now on my 4th and final year, working on my final project which is a collection of 3D printed bags.

    Living in Tel-Aviv made me always say that I’m getting my inspiration from the city, from modern to traditional.
    On my 3rd year in study I attended the lessons of Yaron Ronen about designing and crafting using 3d printing.

    And what can I say, I was instantly hooked.

    Right after having this course, I flew for a semester for the exchange program at ‘MOME Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design” Budapest, Hungary.

    Tried and used different materials from previous experiences. At that time I used to visit and used the help of my local Fab-Lab, while learning better Rhinoceros 3d design software and building my own 3d files.

    At some point i had to decide what will my final project will be, I walked away from what I know and do, out of my comfort zone. Jumped into world of technology, materials I didn’t know and BAGS – all things I haven’t done before.

    Excited as I am, to present you one of the bags part of my research into bringing 3D printers, and 3d excitement to everyone, by printing your own accessory at home (ok maybe at your friend right now) or using the Scan and Make marketplace)! Cool ha?



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    You can find me here. Only on appointments.