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    Paul Murrin

    3D Designer | 3D Artist, Chepstow, United Kingdom
    Paul Murrin

    Brief introduction

    Paul Murrin produces artworks from a blend of mathematical algorithms, 3D printing and acrylic paint. The algorithms are interpreted to produce a description of a solid shape. These are then sliced and 3D printed in many parts using a desktop 3D printer.

    Each piece is then carefully painted, laid out and mounted. The result is a large piece much larger than the bed of a 3D printer which extends from the canvas making use of light and shadow to produce a visually striking effect.

    The inspiration comes from Paul’s background as an engineer. Designing algorithms, software and hardware for WiFi, Bluetooth and TV silicon chips.

    To do that requires knowledge of signal processing including Fourier transforms and complex exponential functions. These produce the cyclic patterns and symmetries in his work. Merging that with an interest in 3D printing allows the beauty of the underlying maths and equations to enter the real world in a way you don’t see in computer visualizations.

    Paul is based in Chepstow, UK.

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