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    Lord Nelson Morgan

    Art maker | Graffiti artist | Street artist, Genoa, Italia
    Lord Nelson Morgan

    Brief Introduction

    L.N.M. (Lord Nelson Morgan) was born in Genoa, Italy in 1983. L.N.M. graduated in Pharmacy at the University of Urbino in 2009.

    He has always had a strong passion for art, trying all means to enable him to express his rich inner world.

    His path of artistic development is outlined with the help of carpentry field, allowing him to gain mastery in the use of materials by painting on wood or using various techniques, including the use of spray and acrylics; resin, especially is his favorite material.

    L.N.M’s expressive research is based on dialogue and intercommunication between kinetic elements and other trendy pop. It includes light sculptures on the wall, the result of careful work with shades and structures, where geometry, symbols and personal “logos grafie”, propose new concepts of ordinary life. L.N.M. has also participated in several group exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

    At the moment Lord Nelson Morgan lives and works in Genoa.


    Exhibiotions 2017:

    Scan And Make, Radio City Tower Liverpool

    La Superba, Piazza De Ferrari Genova

    Urban Art Contest, Matera



    Exhibiotions 2016:

    Affordable Art Fair 2016, Milan (1st place in street art category)

    Wursteiner Art Battle AAF 2016 (2nd place)

    Collective “Azimut & Maserati” Varazze

    Exhibitions 2015:

    Art Innsbruck — Austria

    “The Vibrancy of Being Human” Onishi Project Gallery New York

    “Tenderness” MyMicroGallery, Milano

    “Tenderness” Onishi Project Gallery, New York

    Exhibitions 2014:

    Galata Museum of the Sea, Genoa

    Palazzo Guiscardo, Pietrasanta

    Biennale Montecarlo, Monaco

    No One Ever Really Dies

    La liberte guidant le peuple

    Urban Art Contest "Craco" Matera



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