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    Anno Matthias Henke

    Painter | Singer | Guitarist, Köln, Germany
    Anno Matthias Henke


    Kunst/Werk/Kunst, Kassel Kulturbahnhof 
    Kassel, 2015

    Bezirksrathaus Nippes
    Solo show, Köln, 2014

    Museum Yeongwol
    Süd Korea, 2014 

    Tessera-Decatessera,  Sala Celeste
    Bologna, 2014

    DIE INNERE SICHT, DIZ Stadt Allendorf
    Marburg, 2014

    Kunst verbindet, HSF
    Marburg, 2013

    Lo sguardo interiore, Sala Celeste
    Solo show, Bologna, 2013

    Lost, Sala Celeste
    Solo show, Bologna, 2012

    In Transito, GEWO Galerie
    Marburg, 2011

    Goethe Institut
    Solo show, Bologna, 2011

    Retrospective, GEWO Galerie
    Solo show, Marburg, 2011

    Segni 2010 D. Terr
    Collective show, Turin, 2010

    ass. cult. Soqquadro, In-differenze
    Collective show, Rome, 2010

    Kunstakademie Gwangju Universität Honam
    South Korea, 2010

    Museum Yeongwol
    South Korea, 2010

    Museumssaal der Stadt Marburg
    Marburg, 2010

    Hankok Museum Gwangju
    South Korea, 2009

    Kulturdialoge, St.Trinitatis
    Solo show, Hamburg, 2008

    Goethe Institut
    Solo show, Bologna, 2008

    Espongo io, Azimut
    Collective show, Torino, 2008

    GEWO Galerie
    Collective show, Marburg, 2007

    Matusel Art-Project
    Solo show, Bologna, 2007

    Sala Museale Comunale ARTE ESTATE
    Collective show, Bologna, 2007

    Solo show, Bologna, 2007

    Matusel Art-Project
    Solo show, Bologna, 2007

    Segni 2006 D. Terr
    Collective show, Torino, 2006

    Italian Consulate / IIC
    Collective show, Dublin, 2006

    Collective show, Bologna, 2006

    Matusel Art-Project
    Solo show, Bologna, 2006

    Kunst im botanischen Garten
    University, Marburg, 2005

    Matusel Art-Project
    Solo show, Bologna, 2003

    Exit 7
    Collective show, Bologna, 2003

    Il Navile
    Solo show, Bologna 2002

    Solo show, Bologna 2002

    Museum f. Gegenwartskunst
    Termoli 2002

    Promenade D’Octobre
    Collective show, Marburg 2002

    Promenade D’Octobre
    Collective show, Casier 2002

    Galerie Reinarz
    Solo show, Marburg 2002

    Il Navile
    Collective show, Bologna 2002

    Arte nel verde
    Collective show, Marche 2001

    Galerie Jakob
    Solo show, Marburg 1999

    Comune di Niestetal
    Solo show, Kassel 1999

    Galerie UNA:T
    Solo show, Köln 1998

    Galerie Im Kempinski
    Solo show, Frankfurt 1998

    Brief Introduction

    ANNO MATTHIAS HENKE lives and works in Cologne Stages Born 1965 in Marburg.

    Apprenticeship in the workshop of the Marburg painter Annegrete Reinarz. Frequent trips to Paris in the ’80s for the study of French modern art. Study from 1989-94 in the university of Cologne, Habitual use of very varied painting and graphical techniques. At the same time, emphasis in the ’90s on the indie and alternative music scene with several productions and numerous CD publications. Frequent trips to Italy e.g. Lake Garda, Bologna, Apulia, Calabria and Tuscany.

    From spring 2002 to autumn 2011 Anno Matthias Henke studies and works in Bologna. Assistance in the studio of Luigi Mastrangelo and Giovanni Pedulà. Since the end of 2011 he lives in Cologne again. Anno Matthias Henke is displayed in the Galerie Costantino Piazze Arte Contemporanea in Reggio nell’Emilia.




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