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    About Us


    Every Definition is Tight

    We coined this motto from an Italian expression to describe our difficulties in defining the hybrid array of connected services we offer on the platform.

    ScanAndMake is a platform for creativity, design art and technology, in other words, it is the common ground for Artists, Designers, Makers and Users.

    • Artists and Designers create works that can be transformed in files, with the help of the Makers and that can be sold on our e-shop.
    • Makers have the skills and the technology to turn Artists’ and Designers’ works of art into files that are available to be downloaded on the platform. They can help Users to realize their projects.
    • Users can materialize their personal ideas or get inspired by Artists’ and Deisgners’ projects that they can buy on the e-shop.

    This can be partially and visually explained with the following picture:


    We started to work at this platform in order to help people to have an income or an extra income.

    • Artists and Designers can sell their art-files through the platform.
    • Makers get commissions from Artists and Users who need their machineries and their expertises to realize their projects.
    • Users can make tested art-pieces, design-pieces  they can sell.

    This info-graphic should help you to understand the concept better:


    Where can you find us?

    Our headquarters are now based in Liverpool city center, UK


    7, Curate Road


    Liverpool, United Kingdom

    Tel. UK: +44 (0) 1513244691

    Tel. USA: +1 949 5967531

    VAT: GB114106567